As a woman, artist, and child of God, it's important to me to celebrate the lives of great women past, present, and future. And while many are not on my "celebration" train, so many are... You who are know that celebrating other women is empowering to the soul... When we acknowledge the "God" or "Goddess" in others, we are acknowledging it in ourselves, and to celebrate the "light" in others is being connected with the oneness of the universe. Women are powerful on their own but when they unite mentally, physically, spiritually, and in their hearts, they change the world. This to me is grace. Women embody grace when they are centered in love and especially love for other women. We need the love and support of one another, and while my father was my favorite human, it was my Grandmother, Brown, who taught me God's grace... She genuinely gave more to others than she gave to herself. I try to live daily in her teachings of love, generosity, and her servant's heart and can only hope that I'm serving her spirit proudly, which brings me to another great woman - Carol Hicks Bolton, an angel, a friend, and an artist who has inspired so many. Her love and grace is quite literally the bow by which the Magnolia Pearl arrow was launched. I love you Carol. Now, over a decade later I'm proud to announce that I will be having my first fashion show at her new store, Carol Hicks Bolton's "Laboratoire de Design", and I know for sure that God is smiling... This is grace.
        I was recently invited to do the PURE fashion show in London, and to any designer this is a dream come true, but I politely declined and decided to do a show here, at home in the heart of the Texas hills, surrounded by love, familiar faces, and "God's grace". John thinks I'm crazy for not going to London, but I explained- "It's about the art, not the ego for me. I would do this show if only our chickens and dog were coming". But to look out and see all of you there will be a spiritual experience for me ---
                           Devine Grace!
                                    Love to all of you!
                                                - Pearl.

P.S. -- This fashion "Imaginarium" will be a one-of-a-kind event with the creative love and genius of my very talented friends; Binky Morgan and Ron Anderson. - A BIG hug and kiss to them!  Also, the very lovely Jo Packham of Where Women Create will be at the event capturing the magic for her magazine...We love you and thank you jo! Wow, so many great women under one roof!!!!!
P.P.S -- This 7ft. "Earth Goddess" chandelier in photo is one of our art "installations" for the event that we just finished, and I'm still working like crazy on all of the one of a kind "Beautiful Wear" for the show..... I hope to see all of you at there.

Fashion Imaginarium
With "Where Women Create" magazine at Carol Hicks Bolton's "Laboratoire de Design"
Saturday February 18th @ 6pm.
301 S. Lincoln St. Fredericksburg, TX.

"Cherish your visions; cherish your ideals; cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts. If you remain true to them, your world will at last be built."    ---- James Allen

I love you John.


Lady of the Woods said...

How beautifully spoken, and very true. I love to honor women, they are so hard on themselves. The planet does need the grace of united women to change the world. And you Pearl, are a beautiful soul and a light for some of us who needed a particular unique and wildly free example. I looked for someone who wore flowers in her hair and who dared to be soft and feminine and wear ruffles all the time, an angel who is giving, a bird who flew. You are my muse and I am honored to finally have one and to tell you so. I wish I could be there for the show, it is my 53rd birthday and I'm finally liberating my own wings. blessings, Lady of the Woods.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I CANNOT WAIT!!! I am so excited to be going, actually I believe my family will all be going. We are going to be celebrating this day with you and Carol and Binky.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Pearl,
You can bet your bottom dollar I will be there.I can't sleep from thinking about it in all its glory!
You are amazing and it's true - you inspire all who know you and especially me!!!
See you soon.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo,

SooZeQue said...

I bet the show will be over the top just like that gorgeous organic heavenly dress. I so agree with your comment "It's about the art, not the ego" - that exactly how I feel, in fact I hate doing shows..... why can't they just find me working in my yard!

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

That is what I so love about this event. It's about women...friends...supporting and loving each other in a welcoming and loving environment. That is why I will be there. I know, love and adore Carol and Binky, and look forward to knowing you better, too. I know this show will be absolutely amazing, kudos for doing it so close to home!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we do need to unite as women and "change" the world Robin. You are changing it with your beautiful spirit and art. We live in Oklahoma, but my husband said he "might" drive me to the show if the weather is good. I hope I can come and meet you. I missed Marburger in The Spring bc my daughter got married. My friends met you and loved you, your booth and your clothes. Take care Robin and I will see you at the show.
Will Happy be there?
Anita Kraine - we used to set up at Zapp Hall.

Rene Foust said...

I really wish I lived close enough to attend this wonderful event. I am sure it will be amazing!

debbie said...

Is the fashion show in Fredericksberg on Feb. 18th open to the public? Is there a entry fee? Would love to attend. I'm a Californian in love with all Magnolia Pearl. Debbie

Robyn said...

I have long been a fan of Carol's work from seeing her homes featured in magazines and now to learn that two of my favourite designers are uniting truly makes my heart sing. Though I won't be able to make it to the event (I live in San Francisco), I'm thrilled to know it will be captured through Jo's camera. Best of wishes to all of you. Your work inspires me so and has changed my world. :) Robyn

Country Cotton Couture said...

Dearest Pearl,it warmed my heart to read you're post.I've been struggling with something pertaining to my business for some time,until now. Divine grace brought me to Magnolia Pearl this morning and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that beautiful post.I look forward to meeting you someday.Love,Debra

Anonymous said...

Hi Pearl,
I met you at your show in the Fall. My name is Jennifer, but I'm sure you meet so many people that you don't remember me. I was with three of my friends who also adore you and they wouldn't come into your booth bc they were embarrassed. Anyhow, you gave me a book as a gift and I almost fainted! I started reading it out loud in the car on the way home - we had a long drive and we all loved it. It made the ride so much nicer. I just want to say thank you for being the beautiful you that you are. I wish I could come to you fashion show, but I'm coming to Marburger agin this spring and my husband said pick "one", so I picked the spring show since the style show will be in a magazine. You inspire mw in ways you'll never know and I feel like I know you and really wish I did. You are amazing. I'll be thinking of you and I will see you at Marburger.
God Bless youPearl,
Jennifer Hunt

time worn interiors said...

Oh how I wish I could be there for the show!

sweetpea said...

I love you my friend, and I would be there if I could. I know it will be beyond fabulous. You are pure genius and an angel among us. I will have to see it through the lens but I am there in spirit.

See you soon,


Anonymous said...

You never fail to inspire me. I check daily, looking for new pics,ideas, blogs. Truly love you and your ideas,and that "Lantern" must be insrpired by dreams of Heaven!!! A Sprite watching from the woods.

Iva Vanya Gutina said...

Thank you for being so free, darling Pearl! ;)) What an inspiration you are, beautiful woman! ;)
much love, Vanya

Heather said...

I still have stars in my eyes after last night event! Your models were so incredible to watch! The hair was better than anything I've ever seen. The runway! The lighting! The music! And mist of all your creations! I am so proud of what you did last night! Thank you for it!
(ps-I'm heather, the one who knocked on your car window afterwards).

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RowanDeVoe said...

Pearl! I love the Goddess created! She speaks volumes about every little and large thing you speak and live. As always, I love you and am thinking about you always.
Your Merlemaid

TatiTati Style said...

I love every thing you touch, I only wish I could be as good as God made you.

God Bless