"You become what you believe"
    When I was younger, no one planted the seeds of belief in me to grow my dreams, so I started planting them for myself, and magic has grown in my life. Yes, life is a miracle, but what we do with that life is an even bigger miracle- everything we do affects the lives of other people and to what degree is up to us. 2012 is the year of "belief", the year to manifest our dreams. There is a "knowing" in each and every one of us. A knowing that we came here to do GREAT things. Sometimes that knowing is only a little flicker that needs some encouragement to be ignited by the love, creativity and passion of others who have "woken up" and are on fire with their purpose. You know these people when you see them - they glow from their soul. 2012 is the year to "glow from you soul"
 Here's something amazing that Oprah said on her life class last night about finding your true calling and having faith in yourself. It totally resonated with me.
 Oprah - "This is what I know for sure, had I not been on television and been working in a shoe store, I do believe I would be the person who would be selling the most shoes and I would like to come around to have the conversations that we would be having as we tried on the shoes. So I never Imagined that what I would be doing would be sitting on television talking to you all, but the nature of my personality and the nature of my belief was that whatever I would be doing.. I would find a way to be really good at it and excel at it. That is what I believed about myself. So, Jk Rowling had some of that same stuff, she was a writer and she knew she was a writer and what writers do is write. They write whether 15 people or 15 million  people are reading it. If that is what you believe you were born to do - you do it! You find a way to allow the truth of yourself to express it's self because thats what we are all looking for. We are all looking for the highest, fullest expression of ourselves as human beings, and unless you are doing that - unless you are finding a way for what you believe to be true about yourself to express and manifest itself in the world, you are not livng your fullest life. You are worthy of happiness, love and peace. Believe it."

       This is our year to glow from our souls. If enough of us are glowing, we can change the world.
                              Love to all of you soul shines!
                                              - Pearl.
                       "Life is a symphony. Be the conductor of your                      life!"
                                                             - Pearl.

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Lana said...

Beautiful! I plan to do more for my soul in 2012 and follow my passion.
Its about time!

Kim Gann said...

Wow! I always plant seeds in others...to be what they want to be, but I've never tended my own garden. Thank You for sharing. This opened my eyes and heart. Hugs!!!

Kimberly said...

2012 is also the year of the Dragon. I'm pretty sure, the dragon's traits are in line with this!!! Be passionate always!
Xoxo Kim

Cathy said...

Thanks for your inspiring words!!I feel so blessed to be following my passion, and having a business that I love! And, I must add that it is never to late to follow your dreams as I did not pursue mine
until I turned 50!
Hugs..Cathy aka GGJ

Enchanted said...

Beautiful post~

You are right...When we see a person living soulfully and living their purpose, you can spot it a mile away...Those are the kinds of people I like to surround myself with!

Love to you~


Anonymous said...

wow, pearl,
you always know just what to say to get me going. thank you for your inspiring blog and you unbelievable creative vision! you touch so many with your "glowing soul".
i love you,
rebecca - from rain tree.

vintagegirl said...

As usual, beautiful words of spirit stirring inspiration. I have only just found what I am good at, making clothing out of vintage linen and lace, and embellishing vintage slips, at the age of 50! With that has come a whole flood of creativity and I am so passionate about every day and hope that is contagious to others. With love and appreciation, Vicki

Anonymous said...

this is my first time to leave message on your blog. I don't know blogs to much. I love your style and it goes nice for me in Sweden. I see your clothes in France store and then I find in Sweden. Lucky for me.
You are beautiful like your clothes!
Thank you for sharing your love and beauty to all of us.
Your friend Anik in Sweden.

Kathy said...

Well said. Consider me inspired!
Blessings, K

Anonymous said...

i'm always inspired by you pearl. i wish i didn't live so far away so i could come see you in person. my husband promises me a trip to texas and marburger farms show. maybe next show.
i love you pearl,
we are in s.africa, but we do come to u.s. on business and hopefully pleasure.xo

cloud9design said...

Hello Pearl!!

I just found your blog today {through facebook - my friend Melody Ross - of the fabulous Brave Girl's Club) - and read your beautiful words as if they were written for me. I just loooove synchronicity.

Your blog post had my word for this year in it...BELIEVE. I want to replace fear with belief and just be ME, and CREATE all the gloriously wonderful things I've always dreamed of. To write books, to sell my art, to create children's books and illustrate them, liscence my art, to do all the things I've dreamed. Thank you for giving me hope and encouragement and being a brilliant light shining for me, lighting the way... down the path I should take. This one which many others are lighting for me too. I guess it's time to just stop questioning how? And BELIEVE! And DO IT! :) (I got that last part from book author/illustrator Eric Carle.)

I have actually been in your booth many times in Warrenton. You have fabulous clothing! I used to sell my hand silkscreened apparel line there. I am pleased to "meet you" again online, and I hope we can talk in person one day, so I can thank you for helping me see that I can FOLLOW MY DREAMS! ;)

Many blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

I love where you are. I have been on the journey, all my life, of healing my life and it has been a letting go of the past and living with joy now, in my heart. I find that now, in the month of December, we are coming into living in our hearts. 2012 is going to bring in more of the energy of living in your heart and that is what will create the joy in us all. You are as Dee Wallace would call a.... Bright Light. That's what we are all here to do, shine our "Bright Light". Thank you for your words and more than anything....your energy. 2012, here we come!

Nicola Natland said...

It is so strange reading your words about how everything we do affects others because you have affected me! I just moved back to the US with my American husband this April - I am from England. I was not sure if this was the right thing for me but I knew that it was the best move for my husband and my daughter. I was feeling a little homesick and I was not quite fitting in to where I am living. I was totally underwhelmed by the retail therapy that I was giving myself to cheer myself up - you know things are bad when you can't find anything to buy. One lucky day I stumbled across Paula Hanson's shop and discovered Magnolia Pearl! So, at this point, you are probably wondering how you have affected my life, other than my lovely husband buying me a pair of your ruffled bloomers for our wedding anniversary - they are also know as "the happy pants"! Sorry, rambling again - anyway, I was wearing several pieces of my jewelry which Paula commented on - she really loved it. I have been making jewelry for several years with varying degrees of success but I was a point where I had lost confidence in myself. I think that because my style is a little different and is not the norm, I have found it hard to find a niche where I fit in - kind of like how I was feeling about myself and where we live. Anyway, to try and cut a long story short, Paula loved my jewelry so much that she wanted to sell it in her shop. The hiccup was that all our belongings are waiting to be shipped to the US. I have no inventory, no tools and no supplies - but, where there is a will there is a way, and where there is a community college that has open studio even better. Yesterday I dropped off the first batch of jewelry to Paula and I had my first sale today. So happy - I feel that I am beginning to go with my creative voice - that it's ok if I am a little different - so what if I am the only Mummy that wears a petticoat when they drop their child off at school! That it's OK if I make jewelry that is not commercial but it feeds my creative soul when I am making it. I am going to believe and trust myself more. 2012 is going to be my year to glow. So thank you Robyn - for my happy pants, for your lovely website - I make my jewelry listening to Radio Pearl! - and for your blog, where you have really been an inspiration to me. Nic

Tricia said...

Hello sweet Pearl,
Just thinking about you, hoping you are well and that your holidays were filled with love. You are such a gift in my life, your kind soul, your truly amazing talant... I always look at all your beautiful creations for inspiration and a reminder to be true to who you are. You do that so very well! Thank you for doing such a good job of being an extraordinary human! I miss your blogs I hope your absence means that you are playing and having a lovely life.
My very sincere wishes that all that is good comes your way this 2012 and always.

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Caroline Nash said...

This is so true to follow your dreams and never give yourself the chance to look back when old with regret and say 'If only!' A beautiful pst and thank you for inspiration.

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