Hi everyone,
When I was a child, my parents didn't celebrate holidays much, but my mother, Anna, loved Easter. No matter how poor we were at the time, my mother would create the most magical Easter basket that would send me over the moon and into the stars (Maybe I was high on too much sugar!). She filled it with some of the usual fare but always with some of the very unusual fare, indeed like; bird's nests, rocks, glitter in glass tubes, butterfly wings, and black jelly beans (my favorite)! I never walk down the grocery store aisle at Easter and lock eyes with all the stuffed bunnies without tearing up for my mom. I will have at least one licorice jelly bean for her on Sunday while saying my prayers and counting all of my many blessings."Thank you God for this life."
Happy Easter from my heart to yours,
- Pearl.
P.S. - We've added a few new things to our photo gallery and our new spring video. Click photos above to take a peek.
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
- Jimi Hendrix


patty said...

What a precious memory your mother gave you. I too love the black jelly beans.
-just wanted to mention that your links are broken on this post. I think it is missing the "a" in your web link.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Aww... lovely memories, thank you for sharing them with us here today. My grandma's favorite jelly beans were licorice too, I always traded my black ones for her white ones.

Memories are just the best things that live in our heart forever, makes me feel wonderful to walk around with them all!

Blessed Easter to you two!

ragamuffin yogini said...

Little tears popped up for good memories. I'm going to find my easter basket, circa 1970, when I leave the computer. In the grad school whirl of books and papers I was losing touch with REAL life...thanks for the reminder. (Oh, my favorites were chocolate bunnies and PEZ)

GardenDesigner said...

so awesome!! I used to put real butter fly cocoons in my children's baskets.. then they would build a house for them until they were born!

I always used to grow grass for them in the basket too instead of the plastic stuff... Great memories!!!!!

Love the new products!! And the video!!!


sweetpea said...

robin, black jelly beans are my favorite too! i hope you and john have a lovely easter day!

love you guys,


One Shabby Old House said...

Pictures by the lilac bush of my sister and I all adorned in the Easter dresses my mom had worked on all week and long into the night. Those are my memories of my beautiful mom. Aren't we blessed indeed to have had their love!

Janice Saffioti said...

Is number 177 available???? and are floral bags for sale im hooked w all this magical eye candy:) thx for your time John and Robin Jan Saffioti

Janice Saffioti said...

Black jelly beans are my fav too!!!!! you inspired me for a special easter basket for my daughter thx!!!!!

Nana Go-Go said...

Don`t tell anyone, but I think your blog is my favourite of all - it`s such a magical and mystical place, far away from the humdrum of an ordinary life like mine.Your Momma obviously passed on her creative talents to you. Happy Easter to you and yours.x

kathrin said...

hey, I like your blog realy much, big hugh Kathrin

Anonymous said...

Love the new top and video Robin.
You always inspire me like a beautiful sunrise.
Love to you sweet, sweet Robin.
I can't wait for the next show!