Hi everyone,
What a glorious day! I've been working in the garden today harvesting organic squash and herbs. The tomatoes are soon to come... - There's nothing more delicious than a warm, sun-ripe tomato eaten right off the vine!! We made sun tea today with the herbs from our garden and while sipping on the "elixir of love", I was reading my favorite poem by William Butler Yeats, "The Stolen Child". I've posted it here for you along with "The Waterboys" singing the poem - So beautiful!! You may also click on the image to view our Marburger Farm 2011 Video.
Love, love, love,
-- Pearl.
"Hand in hand with fairy grace, we will sing and bless this place."
-- William Shakespeare


Pandora said...

What a coincidence! I have been listening to Loreena McKennitt's version of The Stolen Child lately. Such a beautiful song and full of all that wonderful fairy magic! I love checking in on your blog and website - you inspire me every day!

charmaine said...

Robin you are a blessing from God may he give you the strength ,vision and dreams to keep on creating. Always stay as beautiful as you are. Me and my mother are on your blog daily. we also tried to call the other day could not find you in.you are a dream come true

Candy said...

Robin, I'm in love with the music on your clothing site...Under the Moon & Good News. Can't find them anywhere and would love to have more of their happy tunes. Could you share their name?
Blessings to your world of inspiration and good will ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love this poem and song too, but most of all love you!!!!
What Charmaine said is true!!!
We want to come to Texas this Summer and visit. I'll keep you posted.

fariegarden said...

Tiny wine bottles roll around the indoor farie garden, it's time, time to nudge them into the little garden by the lake. Your idea alone is enough to flow a positive brease thier way. They float and sing and make much noise, but all is well now that spring is here! A poam I've kept years and years out of and old childs book, I'd like to share on this most beautiful day.

As from the house your mother sees you playing round the garden trees. So you may see, if you will look through the windows of this book. Another child, far, far away. And in another garden,play. But do not think you can at all, by knocking on the window, call that child to hear you. He intent is all on his play business bent. He does not hear, he will not look. Nor yet be lured out of this book. For long ago, the truth to say, he has grown up and gone away. And it is but a child of air, that lingers in the garden there. Anonymous
Will always remind me of my Father.
Enjoy the spring!

Breck said...

Mama shaq mama shaq, shaq's your mom. That's a fact

FAST Ain't a scav team

Georgia Gibbons said...

Robin, I enjoy your humble blogging as much as I enjoy looking at your clothing creations. I have some of the same sincere longings toward God; wanting to please Him above all else that I do in this life. Wanting to live with a deep, real purpose. The authenticity is so important. I know that much of what I do in this life will not remain, but the spiritual things; the eternal things will follow me from this life into the next. And still having to live in this world for now, wanting to leave my mark and make a difference. Be creative, and inspire and touch others hearts. Not to my glory, but to HIM. Thanks for inspiring me to keep going.

Sylvin said...

That is my favorite poem as well. Thank you for including it on your beautiful site.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found a link to your site from FB.. I love that song that is playing .. UNder the Moon (?).. I can't find it anywhere.. Can you tell me who it is by and where I can find it? Love the filming locations or your photoshoots...quite beautiful! :) Amy Kaitlyn Elisabeth

jadebergdoll said...

Under the moon is by Claire Holley. It's on iTunes.

aKuna Kumara said...

A fairy garden come ture