Beautiful women,
"The Metamorphosis"
"To talk to about or not to talk about? Yes, I'm going to talk about it!"
As women, I believe we only get better as we get older. However there is that fragile time for many women right before we evolve into our "soul power" stage at the crazy age that feels like a constant storm, and I'm talking about thunder and lightening! I'm 47 and it's starting to become quite evident that A - something beautiful is about to happen or B - I might lose my mind. I'm at a fragile place in my life where I feel like a Monarch butterfly in a rainstorm - The rain has washed all the powder from my wings leaving me raw and exposed to the elements and life. Keeping my grace as a butterfly in this space is not easy, but I'll find the closest flower, hang on tight and hope that the wind doesn't carry me away. I'm sure many of you are here too, so - flap your wings in the sunlight, hang on to the nearest flower and know that I understand. We, as women need one another.
We are preparing for our "Bloom and Fly" tour at the spring Marburger Farm Antique show (March 29th - April 2nd). Very befitting for spring, but also descriptive of where I am at this point in my life as a child of God, a woman, a wife, a sister, and a friend. I've always found it fascinating that flowers will bloom in the craziest of situations, as if their resilience is more powerful than any obstacle or challenge presented to them. I know you've seen a flower in the crack of some sidewalk in a major city with no sunlight or water, and thousands of feet completely unaware..... The flower stands tall and says "I'm alive, and what a glorious life it is!" I too want to bloom with this kind of resilience so I can then fly. Come bloom and fly with me,
love, Pearl.


Ruby’s Upcycle Designs™ said...

Oh, Robin, I cannot tell you how meaningful this post is to me! I, too, am in the very same place...weary & yet fighting to be strong! Thank you for these inspiring words and the flower imagery is perfect! Best wishes for a great success with your beautiful spring line!!! Love & Hugs, Beth

Glow said...

Your words are as beautiful as the pieces you create... I am 45... and sister, I feel you... Thanks for holding that flower tight... Your beauty shines...
Thanks for being here. Warmth and Laughter, Glow

Mosaic Queen said...

Oh my goodness! I laughed out loud at this post!!! I am 47 also and completely hear and understand what you are saying. :-)
I like the butterfly comparison and I will use that on the days when I feel like a hornet.

Pam said...

Having just passed to the other side in the last few years, I can tell you that the mountain is high and sometimes heartbreaking, but on the other side the wind becomes a gentle breeze, the anxiety is replaced by peace and wisdom, and everything has a beauty that I sometimes couldn't see as a younger woman. I love this new place. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful things with us! Pam

lillyslace said...

No way you are 47! Oh lordy I look really look old compared to you and I'm 48!!!! It must be all that organic food! I must admit I grew up with a mother who was a health nut so once I got out of the house I rebelled and have been a junk food junkie ever since! We'll both be having a birthday in September but I'll bring carob cupcakes instead of chocolate, just for you!!! See you soon,hugs-cindy craine

Janet Ghio said...

From someone who has been there and through it--the best is yet to come!!

Jonny said...

Hi,I am speechless your words are music to my ears.I am 48 and feel I am at at great turning point in my life and exactly where Ive wanted to be my whole life- like it took so long to get here.You are a gifted writer. I have seen a wonderful article of your wedding in romantic Homes looking forward to visiting all your posts and being swepted away---Love your romantic style and clothing .Sincerely, Jonny

Carol said...

Thank you for putting it so beautifully. Tonight when I awaken sweating even during this unseasonably cold south Texas winter, I will be reminded of the wonder of the new beginnings ahead for me.


Carol Casey

Mary Kay said...

Dear Robin,
When I was a young child I would hear my Mother and friends speak of the change of life, I had no clue what all this meant. Only that I was listening to conversations I was not suppose to hear. When I myself reached that great change the words spoken from theses brave women of the fifties now had new meaning to me.
My plans changed, my body changed, my hopes, fears and yes even my memory changed. I could be driving and feel as if I was in a great fog with no one to light the way. It was as if everything I thought I knew I must learn all again. I wept. was depressed, gave up speaking emgagements and hid out from others for fear I was losing my mind.
I continued to see my patients and work as best as I could, and sometimes feeling and saying "why me"?
And then I as you will see learned how to cope with this change slowly with new ways of taking care of my body and soul. I was the same age as you when I began the "change" and now I am 58 and it is behind me and as your beautiful musing says, I realized while I was no longer to be as I once was....somehow I had evolved and was better, wiser, bolder and that once again I could fly and so shall you.
Love to you Beautiful Woman
Mary Kay

schererart said...

Beautifully said. Understood completely.

Autumn said...

Beautifully said!!!
Have a blessed time at the Farm Show.
Liz's Organic Farm is wonderful-I am so blessed to see her living and doing the things she has such passion for.
She's on Facebook if you want to check in on her-

time worn interiors said...

I have been going through this for 10 years now! I going to be 50 at the end of the month. I'm ready to start down the other side of the mountain, I've been in this place way to long!

Can't wait to see you in a few weeks! I'm looking forward to seeing what new for spring!


GardenDesigner said...

Im 50... and I can stretch... and kick... and stretch...LOL ( sally O'malley ~Sat night live)
Yep... I know exactly where you all are coming from.. what a nice way to put it Robin!
ell my name Vanessa means Butterfly and My change has been for too long now!! ( Started when I was 44!)

***Blessings to all the Hot Flashes!****
( or should we call them 3 minute trips to the Bahamas?! )

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Robin, such a beautiful post. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Laura Pallatin said...

I'm 45 (3 days ago!) and I feel ya. I'm ready, though, to let go of some restrictive ideas and am embracing the new and exciting opportunities that are present. I also am greatly enjoying reaching back to what made me happy when I was a little girl; such as making pretty creations and dressing up. That's where you come in for me. I love dressing up in very girly things and embracing femininity. :)
Laura P.

Lisa said...

Well said! I am soon to be 45 in April.. a turning point true. Love your analogy of the flower. I spent many years in Alaska. Hiking the alpine... where the weather can be the most severe... you need to stoop down to really view the dainty tundra flowers... so tiny and yet so intricate. They seem so fragile but they are so strong.. enough to carry them through a harsh Northern winter to come again in spring. Amazing.
Delicate Strength. Women are such..


Right there with you Robin at the age of 48. But this too, shall pass. Thanks for the uplifting words.


Fatima Lantmann said...

I love this site, what you write, the clothes ..........
I'm from Brazil, my name is Fatima Lantmann

One Shabby Old House said...

You are a beautiful, graceful butterfly and wherever you land in this sometimes crazy garden of life I know you will spread your beauty and love around. And the flowers you touch on the way....well... we are blessed from your flight.
Hugs to you

Anonymous said...

Oh Robin,
You always knock it out of the park! I've been there, and it does get better!
You are so precious to all of us - hang in there butterfly
We need you - the world needs you. When you fly it will grand for you and all of us.

Anonymous said...

I love your wisdom and the pictures your words create.. thanks for the uplift. I think we are all tired and weary and ready for a change.

Teaandflowers said...

You spoke to my very soul...I am a breast cancer survivor and the medication that I'm on is prolonging"the storm" and I needed inspirational words that created a beautiful image in my mind "to hang on tight and hope the wind doesn't carry me away." You are such a blessing. Thank-you for reaching out to us. Best of luck on your spring tour, I would love to be there! Teaandflowers

Curtains In My Tree said...

Miss Robin

You are that beautiful flower that has already bloomed in front of our eyes and we all want to pick it.

meaning put the flower in our house

deep ?


Wish I was brave enough to head to Texas on a long road trip. I would love to see you and all the vendors at Marburger

H A N N A S - F O R M said...

This is the first time I visit your wonderful blog, I must say I was very surprised when I saw one of my pictures here (10/12/2009), the world is small.

Your clothes are really great!

Have a nice weekend!



LuAnn said...

I am 51 & as I trudge through the daily, I always forget what is happening to me & then I read something like your blog, & it all makes sense....& I can forgive myself for being a loon! Thanks Robin for speaking so honestly & giving us all an analogy to "hold onto."

Le mas de Bohême said...

beauté et amour♥

Núria said...

Hi Robin,
I write you fron Spain, yes maybe to the other part of the world but here we have "flowers and butterflies" too !! remember, flowers bloom every year and butterflies have wings to find the flowers so, PLEASE FLY AGAIN !!! (I'm 46 too).
Here in Spain we deligt too with your clothes, and we will tell you "SUCCES WITH YOUR -BLOOM AND FLY-" !!
I'm so sorry for my english

Anonymous said...

You beautiful woman you!! You are changing the world!!! We are so ready for the change too!

Janice Saffioti said...

thx for that blog it uplifted me as i am 53 and dont know how that happened!!!!!!!!!! Inside i feel 25 and still act it at times!!!!!! We all are here in this majical place together!!!!!! Thank you Robin

Shelley said...

You nailed it - and beautifully I might add. Yes, we will endure, but gezz louise, WHAT A PROCESS! Just bought your book the other day and I'm devouring it. Perfect for what soothes the savage soul.

lovellaranch said...

Oh my goodness Robin.... what a beautiful way to express what you are going through.... I went through this last year and thought I was dying...while my life has settled down a bit, I still feel the pressures of this change in my life. I feel as though my wings are torn and tattered and while it is hard to hang on to that beautiful flower...it is possible....

Thank you for sharing...your words are incredible and so so appreciated!!!!

love and hugs, karen
PS...drink soy milk ...it helps!

salige lavendel said...

Nice and inspiring words =) And your collection of clothing is beautiful and inspiring too! (Love your blog and website design too!!!

Romantique Junk ~ Brenda said...

Everything you have shared with us is wonderful ~ bought your book, your blog, and the magazines featuring your style are all great inspiration. At 47 and losing what I thought was me to finding another me is like riding a carousel forever and not sure of who I will be when the ride stops...I'm still on the ride, but your post reminds me that no matter what, hope and pursuing my happiness is out there and waiting for me (for all of us)... Best wishes to you for a very successful show.

fariegarden said...

Robin, wish I could see the flowers, but after 17 inches of snow it's unlikley. Even the fairies in my indoor garden looked pissed. 50 this September, so yea I get too. You glow from inside out with your flower power-peace baby~

MissMaud said...

My sentiments, exactly, except that I'm in my 67th year and just feeling it.

MissMaud said...

I mean to say that I've just begun to feel that uneven turf thing. Like who will I be next week?

Penelope said...

Lovely, lovely

Adi Zakti said...

Oh! Goddess Robin, even in your time of change you are fragile but full of wisdom and grace. A sure sign that you will have all the wherewithal to hang on your golden flower petal. You have been a great inspiration to me. You make me want to pull out all my lace and pretty things and drape them all over my body and just be a Goddess with flowers in my hair.
Adi Zakti

Penelope said...

I love, love love this!

Dianne Hadaway said...

Well that was just so beautifully written and raw truth to boot. I really love how you express this time in your life ... and mine. It helps to know it's shared and that someone else gets is and can articulate what it really feels like. You amaze me on so many levels. Thanks for being true to YOU and encouraging us all to be true to ourselves as well. You have such a beautiful spirit. I wish I knew you personally (and I know I'm in good company with that!) Smiles, Dianne

Kathleen said...

..Thank you for deciding to "talk about it" ! I will be 47 in May and I feel like I am on the brink of something.. it wakes me up in the night.. causes me to walk circles in my house, thumbing thru books and mags, reading blogs trying to find IT. that place to land. I am doing a cleanse now and lots of yoga, prayer and meditation in time for the full moon and Spring Equinox.. birth, new beginings. It feels that at this time in the journey we as women are all feeling much the same because we are being called on like never before or perhaps as we always have when there needs to be a great healing and infusion of love and creativity.

Kathleen said...

......me again :) After reading this I am now committed to start my own blog. I have wanted to for a year now and for whatever reason have not. Done making excuses lol xoxox Thank you :)

deb did it said...

~flap flap~ right here with ya Sister!

Marie said...

As I have read through the different post your words are heartwarming, beautiful and inspiring. I understand how you feel and I believe women are like fine wine...we get better with age. Your analogy of the butterfly is perfect. I am 50 and yes there are days when changing is hard, but I think I like this new place better.
Thank you for being such an inspiration. <3

Liz Redwine said...

Robin- I've been following your success for some time now but never had a chance to respond. I live in West Texas and adore your clothing line! I am 45 and find myself going back and forth between happiness, sadness, and sometimes madness. As a teacher, I have to stay motivated for my students, but some days I don't even want to get out of bed. I read a book by Ann Morrow Lindberg called Gifts from the Sea, it is a beautiful, unique approach to enbracing the changes in life. Nature has so much to teach us if we just pay attention.
Thank you for your inspiration and warmth.
Liz Redwine