Hi everyone,
July has been an emotional month for me. I lost a couple of childhood friends, and while this has had me sobbing for days, it has also reminded me of how very precious every second of this human experience is. As I walk outside wiping the tears from my eyes, I suddenly see flower petals and thunder clouds with a clearer understanding of how God shares beauty with us at "every" moment - all we have to do is see it. It's really up to us what we see from moment to moment and we are surrounded by beauty everywhere - so much in fact, that we should be able to laugh out loud! I have my challenges like everyone does, but I am grateful for this life and the love that I am surrounded with - Thank you. I f any of you are going through one of life's many challenges, you might want to watch Tony Robbin's new television show "Break through", tonight on NBC at 7pm central time (tonight is the premier). Tony Robbins is one of my heros and has changed my life considerably.
Love and gratitude to all of you,
- Pearl.
P.S. -- Goodbye Robert and Pandora......
P.P.S. - Sending love and light to Jo Packham who just lost her sweet father. We love you Jo.
"I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk."
Tony Robbins


Ruthie said...

Hi Pearl - I am so sorry to hear of your losses. I too am going through a tough time as I one of my dear sisters is slowly dying of cancer and I find myself crying often - usually in the car when I am alone - and trying to keep my eyes and soul open to God's beauty and purpose. I will be sure to tune in tonight - thank you and take care.

thevintageboquet said...

Hi Robin...Thanks for the e-mail reminder re: Tony Robbins..I do intend to watch the premiere show tonight..We all have struggles given to us by God - Thank you Jesus - We are weakened as we struggle w/the loss of a loved one because we sooo...want them close forever -(I know I am indeed selfish in that way)..Blessings and strength sent your way in mourning your dear friends..loves-deb

Autumn said...

Life is beautiful- sometimes it's all I can hang onto in dark days when losses seem to multiply.
Such a comfort to know that God is well aware of our pain and stuggles in this life.

Tammy said...

Hi. So sorry to hear of the loss of your friends. Your post was very uplifting, I'll be sure to tune into see Tony's show tonight. I've been a fan of his for a long time.
You are in my prayers. Have a beautiful week!

Ozma of Odds said...

...oh dear one ~ I wish for your kindest heart to be filled up with peace and that the sorrow you feel in these dark moments will soon melt away so that you will again be covered with the joys of life!
xo, Rosemary

Mosaic Queen said...

So sorry for your loss Robin. Life does bring it's challenges and I shared that on Crescendoh's site this week. You are one of my featured links today, as I so admire your beautiful soul.
Here's the link

Anonymous said...

Oh, beautiful Pearl,
Even on a sad day, your blog inspires.
Where would I be without your light??? I come here to your cyber world for some Heaven and peace.
Sending you love. I would hug you if I was closer.
Can you fell my hug?
Love you dear one.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Goodness... love to you and yours. Thank heavens you had them in your life. This is one of my quotes for your time of sadness, "Shooting stars are not any less for their short duration in our sights. They are the awe-makers." I send you light and love, Amy Sperry Faldet

lizza said...

You always touch my heart with your words and thoughts.

neveda said...

Hi Pearl, I am sorry to hear of the loss and pain you have felt recently. It is unfortunate that we have to endure it. As my grandmother used to say life goes on and we need to just remember the good times we had with the ones we lost. She also said that we would see them again in heaven and to remember that. The pain does lessen, but sometimes it is hard to bear. I do get solice when I talk to my friends, It helps. Thank you for your posts. I look forward to them, and read all of them several times. You have good heart and soul and I would hug you if I was able to as you need alot of hugs right now. Sincerely, Norma

Ireland Rose Studios said...

Hello Robin...was so sad to read about the passing of your friends. Am so very sorry.So appreciate your posts and sharing your thoughts and heart the way you do for all of us to share. You are cherished by so many.

Bohemian said...

I'm so very sorry to hear of your losses and sorrow as these dear Friends passed from time into eternity. I'm glad the Lord has given you comfort and simple Joys during this difficult time... He always has a way of doing that, doesn't He!?

God Bless,
Dawn... The Bohemian

Anonymous said...

Those friends were lucky to have had you - even if only for a short while.
I'm lucky to know you through your blog.Thank you and love.

Kenndee said...

Dearest Robin,

My heart hurts for you missing your dear loved ones. This has to be one of the hardest times in our lives to face losing someone who we loved so very much. May your heart find peace in knowing that you brought so much love and happiness to your friends and I am sure that they would love you to keep those beautiful memories in a way to ease your pain.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Much Love,
Kenndee (because she said so)

Rhonda Roo said...

This poem always bring me comfort...

Perhaps God is a poet
who writes with words
of flesh and bone and leaf and flower . . .

Every hour of every day,
words pour out of the Poet’s heart,
and every word is beautiful and true and worth the telling.
And when each poem is perfect,
and there is no more which ought to be said,
the Poet gently takes the words back into His heart
where they are safe forever . . . and then begins again.

Beverly...Heartland Creations said...

Hello, I am sorry about your loss, I understand what you mean about the things around us. I lost my father in May. Today I painted my front door orange and I could feel a change in the spirit of the house and how I feel about it. I have been a fan of yours ever since I saw a sofa you had worked your magic on some time ago. Your blog is another bright spot for me today.

Vintage Style Downunder said...

Hi Pearl...i just wanted to say how beautiful your blog/site/clothing range is...that ethereal feminine, wild, sensuous thing that is called 'woman'...you have captured!! I've really enjoyed looking over your site and yet i think i've just seen the tip of the iceberg! Just beautiful..and as you say "Beauty - it's a God thing!" Amen to that, sister! Thanks for sharing..and my heart feels for you inyour time of loss. blessu...jessie, new zealand xx

fairygarden said...

Hi Pearl,
Your walk through god's country helped to see the beauty of this world and yet the pain of the loss is so hard. Without the beauty I'm not sure we would make it.Sometimes I think the ones we loose feel that raw emotion and are as close as they can get. A friend shared this song with me-Don Mclean sang a great tribute to van gogh-Starry, Starry Night. This world was never ment for someone as beautiful as you.
Time helps to ease the pain,but for now I will send sweet thoughts your way.
Rain pours over the hill into the fairy garden, the sun is no where in sight. But the fairy's urge us on, the mushrooms grow and the small fairy's run and play under the shelter-there is life in the darkness, there are smiles and laughter and hope,until the sun shines in.
Take care,

sonja said...

Pearl, I have just discovered you due to the Selvedge magazine and am delighted by your clothes, lifestyle and fabulous music. Wow! I am sorry for your recent losses. Viewing your web-site and the Blog has been a real treat for me today. I'll look forward to more of you in the future!!!! Sonja