Hi beautiful women,
It's soon approaching Father's Day, (I know it's a bit early for this blog but it's important to me) one of my favorite days, as I spent the first thirty three years of my life with my very special father on this day. My father, Preston, was not interested in material things and not tethered to this world. In fact, when you gave him a gift, he would give it away. He was the most beautiful and generous human I have known. - Especially for someone who owned only art supplies and books (not even a car). He often would give "all" the money in his pocket to a homeless person saying to me, "Robin, wouldn't you rather your last twenty dollars make a big impact in the world today? That money will not change your life much today, but it will immensely change the life of someone who has nothing." He only knew love!
On the day that my father passed, his sketch book was lying open next to his bed turned to a page with a quote written by his hand that changed my life-
"A poor man shames us all... Do you like my song? I will sing it for you."
- African Boru People
At that moment, I realized that all of us have something to give no matter how big or small and we should always start our day with "how may I serve?"
I was blessed with such an amazing spirit filled guru I called "Dad" and he left me full of love and light.
Happy Father's Day Dad and "Thank You". May you run and never tire!
- Love, Pearl
Happy Father's Day Thovas (my brother). You are an awesome Dad too and you have the greatest son ever!
- Love, Your sister Robin.
"Man gets tired, spirit don't.
Man surrenders, spirit won't.
Man crawls, spirit flies.
Spirit lives when man dies.
Man seems, spirit is.
Man dreams, spirit lives.
Man is tethered, spirit is free.
What spirit is, man can be.
What spirit is the man can be...."
- The Waterboys
"Your beauty is familiar your voice is like a key. It opens up my soul and torches up a fire inside of me. Your coat is made of magic and around your table angels play. I will cry when you go away."
- The Waterboys


Anonymous said...

Robin, what a wonderful tribute to your Dad. He sounds very much like mine, not interested in material things, giving to others, etc. My Dad turned 80 the other day and all my life I remember him telling me (and to this day) to "enjoy, that's the main thing" or "get it while you can kid cause life is short." So Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there. Thanks for sharing, Robin.

mosaic queen said...

I've always wondered what it would be like to have a father. It sounds like you had a Fabulous one, and it shows :-)

Mary Kay said...

Your Father gave you sunshine in your heart and love in your soul.
He gave you the timeless.
Where nothing grows old.

He gave you his will and ability to see.
The most valuable things in life are not things. This is seen in your work, soul and compassion Robin. Your Father knows his life you have carried on. He lives in you and is never far from your home. You only need to look in your heart where love always remains a part. FOREVER.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

As someone who has been called not tethered to this world by many, I understand what that would be in a Dad. I feel so deeply upon reading this and thank-you for such a post. Blessings and light dear Robin.

Kimberly said...

Oh, to embody that "spirit"!!! Such divine words! My father and I are estranged, but I continue to live by his legacy. I tell my wonderfull hubby of 21 years constantly how much power he has as a father to our 3 children! He shapes their world even through silence. Your father has always seemed to be so important in your life. His legacy has lived through your unselfish love.... I absolutely adore the picture of the two of you in the darling outfit you made.... thank you for the continued inspiration. My father chose to start a second family, and just recently his second daughter and I have met through our blogs. It is a bitter sweet relationship, but might just grow into something beautiful for all of us.
Happpy Father's day to you & Jon.
xxxx kim

Erin said...

Such beautiful words about your father. It seems as if he was quite a guy with a heart of gold :)I always enjoy visiting your blog ...

Anonymous said...

What a facinating life you have had and have. You are special to so many of us and especially me!
I would totally wear the polka dotted dress you are wearing in the photos -
Could you make that again?!!
What a fashionista even then!!!!!!
I love Father's Day too even though my Father is gone.
Happy day to you lovely Robin.

Shelley said...

Fathers leave us as they found us...some sharing footprints as they go. Lucky girl, Pearl!

Bohemian said...

It's never too early to give a tribute to our Dad! Thanks for sharing the photos and story about yours. My Dad wasn't tethered to the material world either and his rich Native American wisdom, talents, generous Spirit and artistic flair were shared abundantly during his lifetime and I'm also Blessed to have had such a great Man to call Dad. May Father's Day bring many cherished memories to each of us of the great Men who raised us. God Bless Dawn

Anonymous said...

I sit on the hill overlooking the lake and garden. The garden that my Dad so loved, your picture reminds me of the love we shared. You are a smiling piece of your Dad. And on this lovley summer day they are sitting with an arm around us enjoying every last moment. Mine is next to me whispering...
"this is nice"

gardenfarie said...

I sit on the hill overlooking the lake and garden. My Dad is next to me enjoying every moment. You are a smiling piece of your Dad. And your picture reminds me of the love we shared. We can see them on every lovley summers day. If they were here they would say "This is nice"

Maga said...

Thank you Robin, this world needs more men like your dad.

ByLightOfMoon said...

Thank you Robin for the joy your give and share the best moments with us. Your Father was to be an example to all of us.

You make my life better each time I come visit you and afterward. I am enjoying your book throughly that you autographed for me in Texas 2009.

Smiles, Cyndi

Beatnheart said...

Words to think about and live by. I loved those pics of you and your pop. He was groovy. The way he wore stripes and you dots.

Carol said...

So Sweet dear friend. I did not get to meet your father before he went to be with Jesus, but I feel like I did, because you, his little daughter Robin are just like him---I've not met a more kind and generous person than Robin Brown. Chip off the old block.��

Astara said...

Lovely to see the pics of your greatest love + inspiration, dear Robin. You are still the precious little spirit as the curious child you were, only curiouser. The fathers of the world don't know how closely their daughters see them with watchful, loving eyes…perhaps. xox (ginger)