Hi everyone,
We are back from another wonderful show at Marburger Farm. The weather was amazing and the entire show was a blessing from the heavens - "Thank You God!" I would like to thank the entire Magnolia Pearl crew, who, without you, none of this is possible - What a beautiful posse!! Thank you to all the vendors who embrace us with love and grace and make us feel like family. I know our large presence can be a challenge to some at the show but I hope all feel the genuine love. Thank you to all of the Magnolia Pearl supporters, friends, and Marburger Farm staff for making it all possible. And a special thanks to Jo Packham for believing in us and gracing us with more opportunities than we can count. Jo, you and your posse are the best! We love you.
Love, love, love,
"When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears."
- Anthony Robbins.
" Let's choose today to quench our thirst for the "good life" we think others lead by acknowledging the good that already exists in our lives. We can then offer the universe the gift of our grateful hearts."
- Sarah Ban Breathnach


Counting Your Blessings said...

Sounds like it was amazing! Can't wait to see you & everyone at the Fall show. Blessings... Polly

Anonymous said...

I sure wish I had been there. The Fall show was more than I had imagined it could be. I hope to return in the Fall. Thanks for sharing a little of the show with those who were unable to attend. Stacie

Anonymous said...

Oh, how beautiful!
What an awe inspiring moment to spend on your site and blog. Thank you for the wonder of it all!
truly inspired.
Patricia Simon

CarLe Etc. said...

Hey sweet sweet people,Robin and John,and your girls(posse),thanks so much to you all. We finally made it home last nite...Hurray!!!...with jeep in tow (another Hurray!). Thanks for always making us feel like family. We certainly consider all of you our Texas family,love,love,love, to all of you...Hope to see you'al in the fall...I agree the show was amazing!!!
Blessings to all
Charlie & Carolyn

sweetpea said...

Robin and John,

Just when I think your designs can't get any better they do. I love the heavy linen pieces and the silk skirt. My heart is totally in love with the jumpers though. My all~time fav. Love you both.



Bohemian said...

So glad you were abundantly Blessed during this Spring Show. One day I shall make it there I hope... it's definitely on my Bucket List *wink*... Thanks for sharing some of the experience online for those of us who weren't able to be there. Many more Blessings and love... Dawn

GardenDesigner said...

hope to see some pictures!!! I have heard though out the blog land that your set up was fab!!

I am sure you met some amazing people... and hopefully you grabbed some stories to hold as keepsakes for your heart!

You are so lucky to have met Jo! She seems like a down to earth/realty/sweetheart/fellow creative!! JUST LIKE YOU!!!
Welcome Home!!!

Alice and Jay said...

Sweet,sweet folks, We came to Marburger for the first time and you walked in to our booth. My 87 year old Dad had read your book and you made his day and ours by being so kind! Later in the week, you shared your pecan pie and made him feel so special. Your clothes are fabulous as are you. You walk your path with a divine presence that was felt by my entire family. You are truly beautiful and we thank you for sharing your gifts. Alice , Spence, frances, and Jay

Eden Clare O'Meara said...

You Who....Magnolia Pearl...I got it! Your book "A Bit of Velvet & a Dash of Lace" and I just love it! And so does my nine year old, Miss Ray, who is planning to redo her room with Velvet, Lace and Rugs! Blessing Eden