Hi "beautiful" women,
Being in the fashion business, I talk to women (lots of them), everyday, and I have learned that few women "know" that they are beautiful. Our society does very little to foster "true" beauty. In fact, it seems to do just the opposite and that has got to change. Beauty is so many things that words can not describe. On a small note, beauty to me is: the laugh lines around our eyes and all the scars that show we've used our bodies like a favorite pair of shoes. Beauty is the silver that streaks our hair like shooting stars from the heavens and weathered hands that show all the holding, mending, healing, planting, soothing, and love given to others. We are all beautiful, blooming children of God - Know that! 
Love Pearl


Franny said...

Thank you for your post. This whole morning was not a beautiful day for me until I read it.
Sincerely, Franny :+)

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Pearl, what a wonderful post! Seems as though we all do get caught up in the physical so much ~ thank you for this reminder of true beauty....hugs and love, Dawn

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...


Mo'a said...

So true.
I am European that lives here in the US. I have found that American women do not give themselves
credit for how beautiful they are.
European women know it from the time are born...whether they have outside beauty or not...they feel feminine and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being our "leader"!
We all love you and think you are beautiful!!!!!!!


The Spanish Dahlia said...

Hola Pearl,
What a pure delight to visit you here at magnoliapearl! You have given me a blessed gift of your loving spirit and I am better off for it, gracias amiga! Being here has lifted my sad self today. I have been hit with some unfortunate news however, I'm trying my best to embrace it and eventually let the great spirit show me the way I'm suppose to go. Thanks again, maybe someday I will be ever so blessed as own a piece of your art. Have a lovely day.
~ Steph

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Oh how true your words are Pearl. Thank you for such a lovely sweet post.

dena miller said...

Robin, You are truly a beautiful woman! The words you wrote speak such truth and meaning. I also wish that more women could see that they are truly beautiful if only they could look past the mirror and into their souls. I admire what you stand for and how you live your life. So grateful that I have found out about you...you are such a beautiful soul.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for the sweet reminder. Your blog and website are my Heaven!!!

Display homes said...

i do really appreciate your blog so much mags..

Counting Your Blessings said...

I love how you describe gray hair. I'm getting more and more of them. Turning 40 in August & my oldest has just graduated from highschool. I don't mean to be but sometimes, secretly, I get a little hung up on all the changes. But God has been putting reminders in my path that from now on is what matters most... that the most beautiful women have a way of grace about them... Grace that only maturity can bring. ...That God is an artist and we are His canvas. Each year brings different brush strokes. A line, a curve, a color.

Thank goodness my eye is more drawn to the chippy, rusted & worn than that fresh coat of paint. hahaha

Beautiful post from a beautiful gal. Blessings... Polly
(p.s. Just got Romantic Country and your wedding looks like it was something to swoon for. How cool about the cameo!)

mosaicqueen said...

THANK YOU for the reminder!!!!!:-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the reminder. I am starting to get some of that "silver hair"...my own color is almost black. My daughter is encouraging me to "leave it alone"...she says she loves it...the silver coming out that is.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Sweet Pearl!
It is so refreshing to know that there are still women out there that realize you do not have to be a twiggy pencil girl to be beautiful. We all have something special to offer. Thank you for giving me back some confidence in our society. Please stop by my BLOG and say "Hi". I love it when guests stop by to see my little slice of heaven in the Phoenix desert. "Country Hugs", Sherry

Calming Scents said...

what a great post, and so true..and I wish we could remember this every time we complain about our bodies and what time does to them.

Carla said...

One need only to look at your artful, creative wear to know that you see a pearl in the discarded of life. I have so spoken to the "youngers" how important it is to not cast off the elderly or the unattractive of life. They are so full of wisdom, ready to share, and a pure heart to return to those that have time for theirs. I luv visiting your blog, keep the beautiful words reminding your faithful bloggers...xoxo

Lisa said...

hi Sweet Pearl, thank you for reminding that we women are beautiful the way we are including all changes. I love to read everything you have to say to us. You are a good leader who can show us how to improve our daily life and open our heart to others around us, thank you again,
with love, Lisa

red ticking said...

i love your blog... and adore your messages... it was a blessing to have discovered you this evening... x pam

ps... i hope to get to round top this fall and know i need to book something fast... any rec?? i am a dealer in seattle. www.redticking.com

Dogwood Thunder said...

Yes beauty. I always tell my kid what matters is what kind of person you are. In the end. It's not a number on the scale or how many times you've been to the plastic surgeon. What good is an outside appearance that's perfect if no one wants to talk to you because you are known for meanness or something similiar.

But I want to talk about clothes--
I've been studying the Magnolia Pearl style today. I've had your book for awhile. I like that you are more about lipstick than eye makeup- it's different and I like that.

When I ask myself where can I wear this type of look I come up with a few places but I need to think about this question some more. It's not coming to me too easily.

I used to live in a smaller and more hippie type community and I think these sort of clothes would go over well there. When I got back to my white bread midwestern city well I reverted back to my quieter mode of dress.

I like the whole tea stained idea and I appreciate that this is accesible.

I like a lot of hair and I like the hair in loose buns and braids with lots of ribbons and ivy etc. That is all back to natural looking while at the same time being unique.

I think the simplicity with hoop earrings (for the most part) work well with this look since so much of the attention is on the lacework.

This seems like a summer look for the most part but I think the ideas could translate into a cooler weather romantic look too. I think the silk/velvet combo would work well here.

Love the reintroduction of the
80’s bow pin on the bags.

I was inspired tonight by the idea of turning an older white bedspread I saw at the thrift shop into a skirt. It would make a unique texture and could possibly be dyed. Perhaps an upholstery looking fringe added to it.

I've always like bloomers – the Magonolia Pearl version is also a nice change. I'm tired of the usual in pants.

I don’t see many hats here and I think they would make a nice addition to the look in some cases perhaps as a part of the winter coats line I hope you will think about doing.

So I like how the one big button sort of looked like a pin on a sweater in a softer color. I have an antique button (hand carved) and plan on incorporating it into an outfit this way - thanks again for the inspiration.

Hassie said...

I feel so blessed to have found "Magnolia Pearl!" You lift my heart and put a smile on my face whenever I visit your site! Grace to you!

ByLightOfMoon said...

HI Pearl,

Many thanks for shairng your wedding and blog with us. I was at THe Spring Marburger Show, met John and You, got a new outfit and book signed by you and felt fairylike as I wore my outfit right from your booth with very much looked like your wedding site!
You are enchanting to my soul and help me feel my free spirit in the everyday!
Many thanks and Hugs,
Smiles, Cyndi