I thought I would share these photos of me and my grandmother Louise - A gypsy, Mae West!
She was an antique dealer when I was young, and I worked in her store at an early age fine tuning my eye for the "good stuff", as my brother, Thovas, calls it! She's in her 90's and sharp as a tack. At our visit yesterday, we talked about God, estate sales, carved ivory, tattered oriental jackets and Mexican Food ---- some of the "Good Stuff"!!!! I love old people, old stuff, and old souls! Pearl


Anonymous said...

Oh Robin...thank you for sharing your grandmother...she looks to be quite a lady, gypsy...my grandmothers have all gone HOME...I too love old folks,old stuff,and old souls...
God Bless

oldflowers4me said...

oh how you made my heart sing-i still have my nanna,she helped me from the momment i came to this world- i left home when i was 11 years old- and ive loved her so much- and how good do they cook-she allways had fresh sheets on the beds. singing and skipping love jo anderson.

art and beautiful junk said...

Oh what a beautiful woman. I make wise women dolls and she looks like on a mine. I love her. You are very lucky. She almost looks like a fairy. If I can get a picture of the doll I recently sold I will sen it to youso you can see the resemblance.

Lucky ladies!!!

Lola Enchanted said...

2 beautiful angels!!!!~ I love old things, people,animals, and souls! You've displayed this beautifully!!!!!~ You both are very lucky to have each other!

Tracie said...

Hi Robin,
What a great picture of you and your grandma. Boy, does it make me miss my grandma so much!

You two are lucky to have each other - brings back great memories for me.

Tracie said...

I shamelessly plugged your beautiful website and blog on my blog Robin!

Happy day!

angeljoy said...

I adore your designs. I stumbled across you somewhere...a magazine probably or the internet. Then I couldn't remember the name and lost you again. Imagine my joy when I discovered you again. Oh, it WAS a magazine, because they showed your home inside and out and I coveted it all for my own. You have a gorgeous imagination. I can't get enough of your eye candy. Thank you for sharing.

maggiegracecreates said...

What beautiful pictures of the to of you. I shamelessly posted links over here too from my blog.

I really cannot wait for your book to arrive on my doorstep.

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Ive seen your work before its over the moon GORGOUS!
The photo of you and yoru grand mother is precious! Two beautiful women, inside and out...

A Romantic Porch said...

I just love what we can learn from our elderly population. Thank you for sharing your grandmother. My dad passed away last year at the age of 91. I really enjoy your blog. Have a wonderful day. Rachel

Anonymous said...


I love the pictures of you and Grandmother Louise..What an honor it was for me to spend a day with her, Aunt Helen and you honoring them on their birthdays..I was certainly made to feel like a part of the family. A day I will ALWAYS treasure in my heart..You are so a part of both of them..I love to hear the stories about their adventures and they were very adventurous..I love you, my sweet dear friend..


Counting Your Blessings said...

Well, Tracie "shamelessly plugged your blog" so I had to get right over to say welcome. I'm so thrilled that you have joined blogland! Such a lovely photo of you and your grandmother. My grams is one of my most favorite people. I think you'll find that unlike our hometowns, here in blogland there's quite alot of us who love old stuff and old souls! Can't wait to visit. Blessings... Polly

Fete et Fleur said...

Hello Robin! I'm in awe of your amazing creativity! Everything is so rich and lush. I feel like I can burrow down into your blog and feel so cosy! Thank you for sharing your gifts.


Linda's Blue Gate said...

Wow what a wonderful world you live in....your gram is just so enchanting ...I felt I was just transformed into another lovely world
Thanks for the breath of fresh air

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

So glad to see you have a blog, I'll add you to mine. What a blessing to still have your grandmother with you, I wish mine were still alive and the history she's taught you, so amazing. Please stop by and see me at Zapp or I might run into ya'll at Clutter, can't wait for the show and to see your book. I'll go to the bookstore tomorrow to see if they have it!! See ya soon, Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage

Michelle E. ~ Vintage Pastiche' said...


I can't tell you how excited I am that you have a blog now! So excited I peed my pants! :P *yes that's how excited I get about anything Magnolia Pearl!*

Your Grandma is gorgeous I love her hair and her eyes, you can see what a sweet soul she has!

Happy Valentines Day to you!


M.KATE said...

this is an AWESOME blog, never seen such layout before, happy valentines too :)

dayattheranch said...


Your grandmother is beautiful... thanks for sharing her with us! Come and see us soon, we will have three new baby alpacas in a couple of months and right now have three that are three months old. Things are happening in three's it looks like.

cottagetiques said...

Hey Robin
Love your new blog! The models are BEAUTIFUL! They are perfect for Pearl Wear! If these pictures are any indication about what you are bringing to Marburger, I AM IN BIG TROUBLE! I have been excited since Oct. when I found out about the Airstream being Pearlized! And I can not wait for your new book! It will only be 5 weeks until I get to see your beautiful clothes with my own eyes!!! I can wait to see you and the BEAUTIFUL GYPSY POSSE!!
Love Thersa Smith

Antique Paperie said...

Hi Robin!
I came by way of Polly @ Counting your Blessings. I've watched the Videos - so cool, by the way, I enjoyed them very much. I wanted to tell you that I love the photo of you & your grandmother - Words cannot express how much that touched me. It brought such sweet memories to mind when I saw it - thank you dearheart. I will be back to visit soon! xo Sherri

Enchanted Treasures said...

I have adored your work for years Robin! Wish I could surround myself in your luscious work and I look forward to the book. xoxo Roberta

The Feathered Nest said...

Robin, your grandmother looks so precious!! How wonderful that you have a blog now! I love your amazing creations...xxoo, Dawn

Bax said...

Polly did indeed "plug" your blog and I'm so happy she did! Thank you for your posts!
I especially love the photo of your grandmother! She is gorgeous! Oldsters, as I call them, are so important as they have so much to share and so much to teach!
Take care!


bj said...

Oh, dear....I just found your fabulous blog and, altho I've not read past this first post, I am pretty sure you are the lady I have in one of my magazines....???
Not sure yet but this lady has an absolute fabulous painting of an Indian that her father did...can this be you????
Gotta read more....
hugs, bj

Anita said...

I had that magazine too, BJ!

I came here from BJa blog, and THIS is a magical place...

Hope said...

Hi Robin,
I found your blog through BJ at Sweet Nothings. She said she had found a new blog to share with us. I came over and just gasped when I saw it! Here's the comment I left for her:

Hi BJ,
I am so amazed! I found Pearl several years ago on a website somewhere. When my internet shut down from a virus I lost everything including this link and I couldn't remember where I found it. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on your link and recognized some of the pictures!! I'm so glad she started a blog!

Thank you for sharing the link!

I love your work! Oh to be young and thin again and be able to wear your creations!! I love the pictures of you and your grandmother..so sweet! I'll be back here often.

Oh, and welcome to Blogland!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Beautiful, beautiful!! Such a wonderful blog that BJ sent us to here! we love it! What a fabulous soul your grandmother must be...oh the stories she could tell!!

kari & kijsa

Teresa said...

I am going to have a birthday card party for my mom. Would you like to join? Come visit at sewmanythoughts.blogspot.com/
Your blog is lovely. Thanks for sharing.


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

I found you through some very excited gals that have good reason to be happy you have a blog indeed. What a delicious visual treat! I'm adding you to my blog too!


SweetAnnee said...

What a blesssing to still have your grandmother!!
oh she looks lovely and lively
as do you!!!

I love your blog!!
tis cozy!

Mary said...

Awesome!! I'm so glad that you still have your grandmother with you. I lost mine many years ago and miss her still.

The photos of you and your grandmother are beautiful and something you will always cherish.


Brook said...

I truly enjoy your blog and all the wonderful photos and your fabulous TEXAS home!!!

Kelly said...

I love your stuff, your website, your blog! Gracious! It's all so gypsy gorgeous! Love the pic of you and your grandma,too! My grandma's name was Pearl and she had long uncut hair that she kept in a braid. I have a pic of her holding one of my cousins and she is getting a sweet kiss from Santa on my blog.

Sandra Evertson said...

Two genuine Beauties!
Sandra Evertson

KimberlyRyanDesigns said...

Hi Pearl! I'm so glad I found your blog, I havent been to your website for so long, so many new things in your life! I cant wait for the book:) I love your blog, its so cozy.... Hugs, Kimberly

Wren Cottage said...

so very precious! made my heart all warm and happy! thank you for sharing your world...just like all the other gizillion beatiful gals before me, I adore your "history" and art! ~*~*~ Blessings to you and yours ~*~*~ Madai

darla said...

Hi... fellow Texan, here... I just found your new blog. Love it! Love the picture of your grandmother. I never knew my grandmother, I really miss that (and I'm 50 yrs old!). Is it just me, or does the music playing sound a little like Stevie Nicks?
Best wishes!

JuliaRose said...

I have just come across your blog, and loooooove your clothes....
I felt so sad as I felt I was too old to start dressing so beautifully and womanly...but seeing your wonderful Gran looking so chic...How does one buy your things???

theunquietlibrary said...

LOVE the photos of you and your grandmothers! Grandmothers are such a treasure. It is so funny you posted this as I just did a similar post yesterday before I read your blog today---you can see my take on grandmothers at http://featheringthenest.wordpress.com/2008/02/21/vintage-photos-of-grandmothers-and-family/.

LOVE your blog! Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

How I love your Blog and Website and am awaiting delivery of your book. Your photos of your Nana make me misty eyed as my grannies are gone. And now I'm Granma Loyce to my two dear princesses. Thanks for sharing this wonderful Nana with all of us, she is dear. Loyce

Mosaic*Queen said...

Hi Robin
I just found your blog after looking at my Country Living magazine. I've been a huge fan of yours for quite some time now and I so look forward to buying your book when it comes out.
As I scrolled down and came across these pictures of you and your grandmother, I just burst out crying. My response kind of shocked me. My grandmother was a wonderful and creative person and I miss her so. I guess your pictures brought about some emotions that I didn't know were still there.
Anyway, love your creativity AND your pictures!
Hugs to you and your grandmother!

Pat said...

How beautiful! So glad the blog is up...I'll check back from time to time and I'm sure I will be inspired again and again. I've preordered your book and can't wait to read it. Pat

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes - finally pictures that make my heart soar. Both you and your grandmother are beautiful souls - so easy to see. Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures - they make me miss my fairy of a grandmother. But remind me that there is a fairy gypsy still alive in me and in my little daughter.
In light,
Diana from San Francisco

artisan765 said...

Dear Robin,
My mother and I met you at Marburger- she was so taken by your insight and creativity. We are home now and she is still bubbling over her vist with "Magnolia". You were so kind and gracious. And it was such a joy to see and touch your beautiful creations- the day was a treasured memory for my mother and myself-- Karen Petrus Williams

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

Your grandma is beautiful. I miss mine so much. Cherish her! Your blog is lovely. Cat ^..^

mistyriver19 said...

The pictures of your grandmother brought me to tears. Reminded me of mine. Her hair was worn gibson girl style up into her nineties and flowed to her knees. Miss her much everyday. Thank you for sharing. Misty

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